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Review: Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive

I'm not particularly good with computers, but I have watched every episode of The IT Crowd and that's got to count for something, right?

Over half term we had a bit of a techmare when the PC got infected with a bug which we traced back to a rogue Minecraft mod. Well, when I say we, I don't mean me, but I did make a cup of tea for the person who dealt with it. I like to take an interest.

Seagate expansion hard drive

So it was with some trepidation that I approached the prospect of reviewing the Seagate Expansion Desktop Hard Drive. Would it be idiot-proof enough that I could actually work out how to use it?

When you route so much of your life via your computer - pictures and videos of the kids, work done, books written etc - it's important to have a Plan B in case it all gets fried. And double that if you work from home. If your computer goes pop then so does a big slice of your digital life.

So why are we so lax when it comes to backing stuff up? All I had prior to this review was a non-working hard drive that sat on the desk and was a handy place to put Lego minifigures, but apart from that, nada.

The Seagate hard drive was sent to me for review by Tesco Compare home insurance. You can use a desktop hard drive like this as a back up for security purposes, or to free up space on your main computer. In other words, if the big screeny machine goes pop, the little black box will be your life saver.

Once out of the box, the Seagate Hard Drive is pretty compact - slightly bigger than a paperback book, but smaller than a Filofax, it weighs in at 873g. Definitely small enough to travel and not to get in the way on your desk.

Set up could not be simpler - use the leads included to plug into power source and PC, and you're off. It comes already compatible to Windows, so there was no need to download anything to make it ready to click with my Windows PC. It was ready to go in under a minute. There is a small blue light which flashes to show that it's working, and a very quiet whirring noise, but all in all it's very unobtrusive.

The Lowdown

  • Capacity for the Seagate Hard Drive is from 500GB upwards.
  • Prices start at £65 but they all seem to be well reduced on Amazon so you can pick up the 500GB drive for £40. Mine has 3TB of storage and has an RRP of £140 but is currently reduced to £93 (and it was at £75 yesterday so keep your eye open for a good deal).
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7 and XP
  • Very easy to operate - either set it to save automatically or drag and drop individual files you want to save.
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