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January 31, 2014


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OMG I would love to do this - I am Dr Who mad!!!

Sarah Bailey

I am so totally jealous - I so want to make it to the Doctor Who Experience sometime (I WILL DO IT!!) also I would so follow them around as well ;) lol x


I see the kids jumping and rolling on the beds. My Grandkids know they are not allowed to do that at home, but they do it in a motel room.

Kate Thompson

What an AWESOME idea. I would love to take the older boys to Wales to see this! I'm pretty Dr Who made myself too (although not impressed with the idea of Peter Capaldi taking on the mantle) and would love to go.


We saw this exhibition in LIverpool I think and it was brilliant - well worth the cost of the ticket for fans x


Wow, this is a great place for Dr Who enthusiasts! I was more taken with the video of your daughter doing somersaults as it's exactly the kind of thing my 13 yr old would do!

Sam @happyhomebird

I'd like to go there one day, although not massively into Dr Who I kind of feel it is part of our culture. Might have a little crush on Matt Smith too .... don't like the new guy (bit old)!


Love the look of those beds, made me think "when was the last time I stayed in a hotel?" and the answer was "too long ago". I think my husband would love to visit the Dr Who Experience.

Emmys Mummy

That looks like great fun!
My hubby would love it

Agata Pokutycka

I never really got Dr Who
Mark tried endless times to make me watch it but... just not for me I guess

Emily @amummytoo

I'm so jealous. I would LOVE to go to the Doctor Who locations walking tour with the kids. Great pics - were the chips good?


Love the tv series Doctor Who,so I would like very much to make it to the Doctor Who Experience.

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