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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters DVD review

Percy jackson sea of monsters dvd

How much you like Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters the film seems to depend on how much you like the original book.

Fans of the book seem to really hate the film. Does any movie ever get the on screen adaptation thing totally right?

But for those of use who haven't read the books, the film's not bad at all. I watched it with my 13 year old daughter and we both enjoyed it. Made us want to read the book, in fact.

We pondered how great it would be to have a friend with legs like a goat, and what a bummer it is when huge beastly monsters rise up out of the sea to attack you.

This week I spent a day as part of the Pineapple Lounge Parent Power Panel (had to put my good teeth in just to say the name of the event).

We talked about the things we love about having a family, and top of my list was fun, and especially watching films with kids that don't leave you wishing you'd bought more popcorn.

So this latest in the Percy Jackson franchise fits right in there - an enjoyable enough fantasy you can watch with your kids.

The plot is several shades of daft, and as such best not examined too closely.

The teenage leads have considerable charm and humour. It's no Harry Potter, but it will entertain those who enjoyed the Harry Potter films and are looking for a new sleepover movie.

As the title suggests, there are a lot of monsters, but we didn't find them especially scary. The PG rating feels about right, though younger and especially sensitive children might not want to watch it just before bed.

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There aren't a vast amount of extras on this DVD - you get the original film and a couple of featurettes.

But all in all it's worth a watch - just don't go expecting it to be exactly like the book.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters of Monsters is out now on DVD and Blu Ray, priced from £9.99.

We were sent this DVD for the purposes of review.

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