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Blogfest beckons


Having already been to two big blog conferences this year, I decided to make it 3 times a charm and booked on to Mumsnet's Blogfest conference which is happening this Saturday in London.

I know very few people going to Blogfest. But that's OK. One thing I have learned from previous blogging conferences is that it's absolutely fine to rock up on your own and hope to find someone to talk to.

And if nobody does talk to you, and it's all a bit LOUD, then it's OK to go and weep in the loos too. Many fine people have wept in the loos at blog conferences. See it as a rite of passage, or an exercise in multi-tasking.

I can't even remember which sessions I've booked into, so lord alone knows which ones I'll end up at.

Mainly, my aim is to learn stuff - stuff about blogging, stuff about myself, stuff about other people. I don't mind which. A day you learn is never a day wasted. I would also like to meet lots of new people so do say hello if you're there.

You will know me by my signature style of Frumpy Eighties Throwback.

Just as Justin Red-leather-satchel-clara-oswald Timberlake is charged with Bringing Sexy Back, so does it fall to me to bring frumpy back.

And if I can do so in a way that wouldn't have looked or smelt out of place in the 1980's, then so much the better. Big black parka like a bat, scowly face, you know the sort of thing.

Other than that, clothes-wise I have no idea, but I might bring my red satchel with my initials on in case I forget who I am. It has been known.

Plus I will look about 105 as it turns out the trains from Brighton are buggered and I have to get up in the middle of the night to have half a chance of arriving on time.

Blog-wise I have been blogging in various places since 2007, sometimes professionally and sometimes just for the heck of it. I wrote a couple of books. In fact I am so addicted to writing I have QWERTY imprinted on my fingertips.

See you Saturday!

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