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Recently the mighty book group throng gathered at my house, and there was one topic of conversation which sparked particular excitement: Have you heard that TK Maxx is reopening in Brighton this week?

Reader, you could have ignited a bonfire from the gleam in the book groupers' eyes. Rarely have I seen such glee outside a 3 season box set of, well, Glee.

So early on Thursday morning I trotted down to the grand re-opening of TK Maxx in Brighton. (And by the way, it's amazing how many drunk people there are on the streets of Brighton at 8am. Really, you'd be impressed.)

Much more sober were the massive queues waiting to get into the shop. Word had spread that the first 500 shoppers got a free £10 voucher, so hundreds of people had turned out, and brought their friends.



What I really wanted to know was the holy grail for the TK Maxx shopper - what day does the stock changeover happen? What day do I need to come in to snag all the best and freshest bargains?

Well, it's kind of good and bad news in that the answer is - every day. The stock changes on a daily basis, with some stores getting deliveries twice a day. So to get the best bargains, you need to go in as often as possible.Somebody has clearly thought this through.

The new Brighton store is basically a souped-up version of the old store, back in its original location in North Street. Only this time it's much, much bigger with far more floor space and less potential for sweatiness. Blimey, but the old shop was hot! No problems on the temperature front with the airy new refit. And what a lot of great stuff they've stocked the shelves with:

As well as fashion, I liked the homewares, stationery and extended range of children's shoes, plus the new pet section with its wide range of poop scoop bags.

At my disposal I had a £10 voucher from the BritMums Live goody bag, plus a £25 voucher we were given by the TK Maxx Brighton team. And this is what I got for that:


 This haul comprises:

  • An Owl jumper @ £14.99 - couldn't find an online price to compare so I don't know how much of a bargain it is, but look - it's got an off-centre owly design and geography teacher elbow patches. What's not to love?
  • Backpack @ £9.99, reduced from £55 - what an epic bargain! This has a lovely padded purple lining designed to protect your laptop but I think I'm going to use it as a gym bag.
  • Sports headphones @ £4.99, reduced from £13 - there was an impressive range of headphones but I got these for their over-ear hooks, designed to stay in when you're running. Guess I need to take up running again now.
  • Egg whisk @ £1.99, reduced from £5 - I swear this makes my scrambled eggs taste better
  • Nail polish @ £4.99, reduced from £10.25 - Lovely grey/beige colour, plus the bottletop is pleasingly rubberised, so it feels nice to open. Not enough pleasing rubberisation in the nail polish world, I find.

So there we have it - £98.24 worth of goods hauled in for a total price of £36.95. Maxximum bargainage, I hope you agree.


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