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May 09, 2013


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Jo Brooks

I love this! You're only a year older than me so we're similar with music (though mine was the Cocteaus, New Order and Aztec Camera) - this challenge has been a good laugh, I've enjoyed it!

Joanne Mallon

Thank you Jo! I agree, this has been a really interesting challenge and I have enjoyed reading the posts a lot. I definitely saw the Cocteaus and New Order in the Eighties but I don't think Aztec Camera came to Belfast.

Jo Brooks

Aargh! Now I'm jealous of you! I never got to see the Cocteaus live - I was that bit too young (I was 13) - although in 83 I did my first gig seeing Duran Duran - screaming the whole time, ha! Did my first festival the following year and saw the proper Sisters of Mercy, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Chameleons and Spear of Destiny! Then I felt a bit cool.

I don't think I got to see New Order until way into the nineties - and that was probably at a festival.

Galina Varese

Loved reading your post. I am a year older than you. Somehow my post came up not as I planned, and probably too grim for Kellogg's to like, but I don't care. :)

Joanne Mallon

Jo, you saw some great gigs! Not that many bands came to Belfast (too scared)so we just used to go and see who ever came. So I saw plenty that in retrospect were pretty cool, but also saw Kid Creole & the Coconuts. Who were very good BTW.

@Galina - thanks for reading, I will pop over and read your post. It is hard looking back so far not to also contemplate the tough stuff which has happened and the people who are no longer with us. But this is our journey and we should be proud to have travelled it so far.


Great post and some fab pics. Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for taking part

Joanne Mallon

Thank you Susanna, it's been a fun and interesting challenge.


Thanks for bringing back some old memories. I had forgotten the Smiths and Aztec Camera. Smiths were (and still are) classic. Neither made it to Swindon. (We peeked with Showwoddywoddy) but New Order did. Sadly, I never managed to make it.

Joanne Mallon

Thank you - I hope those old memories were good ones. I would've liked to have seen Showaddywaddy, they were ace.

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