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Lessons in writing from Jacqueline Wilson

Last week I went to see an exhibition about the life and work of prolific children's author Jacqueline Wilson. It's a free exhibit in residence at Hove Museum until the end of April 2013 and well worth a visit if you're a Jaqueline Wilson fan.

l love to see how writers and wrtists actually work. There used to be a great feature in The Guardian on Saturdays showing a writer's room. The messy ones were the best. I think you can tell a lot about a person's internal world by looking at the external world they choose to surround themselves with.

It was great to see Jacqueline Wilson's actual typewriter which she used to write Tracy Beaker:



And her notebooks:

Image (1)


Not so much her spooky monkeys dressed as bride and gimp:




How can she ever get anything done with those guys in the house?


Then it all became clear - she goes unplugged:


 I think she might be on to something there. 

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