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January 26, 2013


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Having suffered that sinking feeling when the TV box (which also ran the broadband) fell into an unending "upgrade" cycle, and no broadband or DTV until the engineer turned up with a replacement, I feel your pain.

Yes, the old faithful crash'n'freeze Pace DiTV1000 box finally died, the way they usually go, of terminal flash memory failure, after many years of (un)reliable service - possibly worse because, after years of claiming the maximum speed was 1 megabit, when the lowest tier moved up to 2Mb, they decided these old wrecks could do 2Mb

Not so bad though, the replacement was the much better Samsung SM2110C, though when the lowest tier moved to 10Mb, that was supplanted by a modem.

And the other thing - pay by the minute dialup is horrible, picking your pocket by the minute, while crawling along and taking many of them!

Crystal Jigsaw

I think you make a very good point here. My daughter, who is autistic, doesn't spend much time in front of a computer though does like gadgets such as 3DS, playstation, Wii etc. Not being technical myself, I can't get my head around children a young as 3/4 being taught computer skills. Perhaps I am old fashioned and set in my ways.

CJ x


From El's point of view you were coping pretty well, thumbs up! I thought she was only gonna take the IT stuff and was wondering why she took your hair dryer rofl! Are you gonna write a post about it so we know how you felt?

I don't think I can cope. I used to tell people off for using Smartphones because I think they are evil. Now I'm using it frequently (although not as frequent as my hubby, he's an addict!) as well. I can't even remember the days when there was no Internet!

Good for you to make it El's turn next week! Can't wait for the update!!

Joanne Mallon

Thanks all for comments. I'm not sure that El will ever do this, I think I got suckered here. But she is very pleased that lots of bloggers are giving it a go. Isn't it amazing how smartphones have become so essential when most of us didn't have one 3 years ago?

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