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Toblerones are forever: Christmas at the 99p Store

A terrible thing happened on our recent visit to 99p Stores.

They'd run out of Toblerones.

Although they did have the white ones which nobody likes. They were reduced to 89p, which is the 99p Store equivalent of saying I shun you.

And then we spotted it tucked away on a high shelf - The Last Toblerone.

Can you spot it too?



Perhaps somebody had tucked it away to come back for later. Too late, mate. You snooze you lose when it comes to bargain shopping. The Last Toblerone is long gone by now, in our house and in our tummies.

You may recall from earlier in the summer that we've been tasked with a reviewing mission by 99p Stores. This involves them giving us £50 worth of vouchers and us going forth on a bargain hunt the like of which has never been seen before (apart from the last time we did it).

After our last visit, weirdly enough, the big hit was the Abidec raspberry flavoured vitamins. I had to go back and re-stock several times, quite pleased as I did so to be paying 99p rather than the regular price of £4.50. But now the vitamins are out of stock, which is kind of the problem and also the thrill of discount stores - the stock is always changing.

Here's our Winter haul:  (Hand, model's own)

Highlights include: a mechanical pencil sharpener, miles of tinsel, a Christmas cracker for the cat and a week's day's supply of Viscount biscuits.

After the last round of blogger reviews, we discovered that Single Parent Dad had snared the best bargain of all - a foot grater! Naturally we wanted one too, so we splashed out and now have our own. Just the one though - don't want the kids to get spoilt.

On our recent visit to the Brighton 99p Store, we were mainly focusing on the Christmas range. And what a range it is - great Christmas crafts for kids and even pets are catered for. We particularly liked the felt stockings, ornaments and 4 Santa hats for (you guessed it) 99p


Of course, no visit to a discount store would be complete without something that's a bit WTF.

Queen sized belts anyone?


I guess they could come in handy if you're a royal lady of expanding girth. Yet this picture was taken before the royal pregnancy was announced. So not only do 99p Store bring you amazing bargains, now they're psychic as well.

All this and change from a pound. Merry Bargainmas!


What treasures have you found in a discount store lately?

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