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Sleep, or the lack of it, is a huge issue for parents of small children. There's a whole chapter on sleep in my book Toddlers: An Instruction Manual, where we offer solutions for every sleep issue from refusal to go to bed to early waking.

But it's not an easy one to tackle - the solutions in themselves are often quite simple; the main problem is that we the parents are too exhausted to implement them.

Now a new programme from Channel 4 is attempting to find a new way to help parents deal with sleep issues.

They have experts ready to help, but what they need are the parents with sleep problems to solve. So if your child is aged 2-11, experiencing some sort of sleep issue and you're interested in taking part in a TV show, get in touch with Jacqueline Paul on or call 0207 438 1851

And if you don't want to solve your child's sleep-related issue by going on TV, you can always buy my book instead.

Just a thought.

Well, it was worth a try.


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